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Leadership lessons video panel: Leading at a distance

Publication: Management Today
6th April 2020

Leadership lessons video panel: Chris Hirst, CEO of Havas Creative; Matt Peers, COO of Linklaters; and Katrin Herrling, CEO of Funding Xchange.

The fundamentals of leadership have not changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the execution has. We’ve spent decades saying that email, phone calls and even video conferencing are no substitute for face-to-face communication, and yet now we have no choice but to rely solely on them.

What is this doing to C-suite effectiveness? Can a leader provide the clarity of vision, reassurance and motivation needed in a crisis, without leaving their living room?

To answer these and other questions, and in keeping with the spirit of the times, we’re launching a new Leadership Lessons video series, asking top executives from around the country to share their experiences with other Management Today readers, and what they’ve learned so far.

First up is a panel discussion on remote leadership, hosted by Management Today’s Kate Bassett, featuring Matt Peers, the COO of Linklaters; Katrin Herrling, CEO and co-founder of Funding Xchange; and Chris Hirst, CEO of Havas Creative.

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