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Funding Xchange is one of 10 UK female-led fintech firms to watch

Publication: Business Cloud
20th September 2019

Funding Xchange is one of 10 UK female-led fintech firms to watch

Business Cloud reports that the number of UK FinTech female founders and CEOs remains stubbornly low. According to Innovate Finance's latest Venture Capital Investment Report, only 17 per cent are set up by women, a frustrating statistic for an industry that aims to foster fairer and more inclusive financial services.

While the reasons for the lack of female leadership in the industry are multi-faceted and varied, what remains clear is that women make great FinTech entrepreneurs and often outperform many male-led startups.

Funding Xchange is one such example and is listed by Business Cloud as a female-led fintech firm to watch. Funding Xchange is led by Katrin Herrling as CEO and co-founder. It is a platform that is transforming the mediation of the small and medium businesses (SME) lending sector, which is serving a critical need for SME businesses to obtain finance within minutes rather than days or weeks that is currently the case with mainstream lenders. Essentially, Funding Xchange makes it easy for businesses and startups to compare quotes from a range of finance providers, giving them instant access to prospective funders who are willing to fund where mainstream lenders will not. They also empower businesses with the knowledge to make the right decision about the funding choices.

More on Funding Xchange

Funding Xchange is an intelligent decisioning platform that transforms efficiency in SME lending distribution by holding lenders' underwriting models and integrating with their decisioning. Funding Xchange accurately mirrors lenders' decisioning based on their credit policies, affordability models and risk pricing. By using access to live transactional data, including closed group CRA data, Funding Xchange provides accurate, personalised terms for SMEs — and is never more expensive than going direct. By holding decisioning within the Funding Xchange platform, applicants' personal data is protected, and businesses have full control over the funding process.

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