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Data-driven in-life client management

Developed in collaboration with credit and risk professionals, FXE Portfolio Monitoring provides real-time insights into risks and opportunities at portfolio, segment and account level.

Delivering actionable insights and powerful visualisation to enable monitoring of in-life lending portfolios and pro-active support of customers

Funding Xchange Products

Intelligent use of data for monitoring in-life portfolios is even more important as clients' financial condition or business prospects are rapidly changing.

Funding Xchange Products

Effective monitoring flags risk and opportunity by tracking current account trends, changes in payments behaviour and directors' credit profile to enable targeted interventions.

Funding Xchange Products

Real-time insights from Experian CAIS, Equifax Insights, CCDS trading data, director profiles, payments performance and debt exposure.

Funding Xchange Products

To deliver advanced insight into portfolio exposure and opportunity we needed a partner who could deal with complex analytics and large volumes of data while harnessing technology innovation. FXE is that partner.

Stuart​ Doignie, Head of Fintech Strategy and Commercialisation, Shawbrook Bank Limited

Actionable intelligence to drive risk and opportunity workflow based on configurable early warning indicators and credit policies

Funding Xchange Products

Background monitoring of business performance

Visualisation of changes in overall exposure across the portfolio.

Pro-active, real-time alerts if a business’s profile changes.

Funding Xchange Products

Connecting insights with actions

Early warning flags drive targeted interventions tracked in workflow.

Reporting on status of interventions and follow up.

Funding Xchange Products

Deep-dive analytics

In-depth assessment of individual businesses.

Integrated access to Open Banking data, and Management accounts.

Funding Xchange Products

Your risk models

200+ configurable criteria to mirror risk and opportunity assessment.

Affordability assessment based on tracking debt exposure and current
account balances and flow.

Funding Xchange Products

Your workflow

API-led integration of flags and interventions into your workflow.

Or alternatively, hosted reporting and simple workflow.

Funding Xchange Products

Your reporting

Range of templated reports based on SME-sector wide risk models.

Configurable reporting to track overall portfolio, segments, regions, products and more.

Lending. Digitised.

Funding Xchange Products

Powerful segmentation of risk profiles based on real-time data

Deliver advanced analytics that leverage transactional data to glean insights into changing profiles of businesses and directors, behavioural changes, and key events.

Connecting insights and actions

Create actionable outputs tied to recommended interventions, including watchlist adjustment, re-financing, extending additional funding or preventing re-drawing of funds.

Funding Xchange Products
Funding Xchange Products

Deep-dive analytics into individual businesses

Analyse full credit file and current account summary information to understand trading performance of a specific business.

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