Tower Leasing

Who we are

Established since 1989, Tower Leasing Ltd is a funder with the support of brokerage facilities which enable companies across the UK to acquire much needed capital equipment through leasing. We create the opportunity for businesses to manage their cash flow whilst being able to secure the latest assets and technology which enables our customers to stay competitive within the market. Our services also provide the capability to deliver additional funding to support your business growth.

Who we fund

The CBILS scheme provides Tower Leasing and other accredited lenders with a government-backed guarantee potentially enabling Tower Leasing to provide Asset Finance facilities to SMEs. In the absence of the CBILS scheme, those SMEs would ordinarily have difficulty raising such finance due to the impacts of COVID-19 as they would likely fall outside of the Tower Leasing and other asset finance funders’ normal appetite.

Why businesses like working with us

We offer a speedy underwriting process and release of funds.

Our Products

Tower has the capacity to lend between £5,000 – £100,000

Asset Finance