Skipton Building Society

Who we are

The Skipton Building Society is a building society in the United Kingdom. It is a member of the Building Societies Association. The Society was established in 1853 in Skipton, North Yorkshire, where it remains headquartered. It is the UK’s 4th largest building society and has over 1 million members and 100 branches.

In 1853, we set out to help people create a better future by providing a good place for people’s savings and helping people own their own home. More than 160 years later, our purpose remains the same. From our people, to the environment and the communities we serve, we’re helping to build a better future.

Who we fund

  • Manufacturing: The UK has the 6th largest manufacturing sector by output in the world and an Invoice Finance solution provided by Skipton Business Finance, such as tailor-made factoring or Invoice Discounting, can help manage manufacturers ease cash flow headaches caused by payroll obligations and supplier debts. Clients include steel stockholders, precision engineering companies, chemical manufacturers and many many more.
  • Printing: Employing approximately 140,000 people across 10,500 companies, this sector is highly important to the UK economy. The UK’s Print industry is now the 5th largest in the world, yet printers often struggle to access external funding solutions due to the nature of their work. However Skipton Business Finance is able to support printers with flexible factoring and Invoice Discounting solutions.
  • Haulage: This sector is worth £75 billion to the UK economy alone, but companies may be struggling with record fuel bills and debtors taking longer to pay, making Invoice Finance an ideal solution. Skipton Business Finance is proud have supported this industry with a number of factoring or invoice discounting solutions to a range of hauliers and couriers throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Services: Over 70% of UK business is in the Services sector meaning there are many companies that could benefit from Invoice Finance solutions, which can help to quickly release locked-up cash in invoices. Traditional lenders are usually wary of lending to businesses against non-tangible assets which is why lending against invoices is the perfect solution.
  • Recruitment: This is a crucial sector to economy to place right people in right job, and, with recruitment agencies often being the last to be paid, creating adequate cashflow can be hard. Skipton Business Finance can provide Invoice Finance to help businesses get access to capital as and when an invoice is raised.

Why businesses like working with us

Over the years, we’ve built up a wide range of experience in sectors such as the Engineering sector, Transport & Logistics, Printing, Manufacturing and the Manpower sector among many, many others. Our commercial stance means that our experienced team use a common-sense approach and never use a system-style methodology to our underwriting. This gives greater flexibility in our approach to lending and means we are able to provide funding in many cases where the business may have already been turned down by their bank who have failed to see the future potential in the proposition.

Our Products

Skipton Business Finance has the capacity to lend between £25,000 – £500,000

Invoice Finance