Rapid Cash

Who we are

Rapid Cash is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group of companies and offers a modern line of credit unlocked by your unpaid invoices – it combines the simplicity of an overdraft with the flexibility of invoice finance. This offers greater flexibility and automation than most traditional finance facilities.

Rapid Cash syncs with your accountancy platform and generates a real-time credit limit based on the value of your eligible invoices. You choose which customers to borrow against and you only pay for the funds you draw on. Your available limit is adjusted as invoices are raised and paid.

In addition, the Rapid Cash platform has two-way data sharing which makes reconciliation seamless. A customer pays an invoice into your Rapid Cash account and you’ll see it appear in your accounting software instantly, no need for data entry or uploading invoices – saving you time to focus on running your business.

Who we fund

We finance Limited companies and LLPs, that have been trading profitably for 6 months or more and with an annual turnover above £100,000. If your business invoices other businesses and in particular if you operate in sectors such as Recruitment, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Haulage, then our solution should be a very good fit.

Why businesses like working with us

We offer fast, flexible access to funding, in a cost-effective and simple to use platform.


"A big benefit we've found in Rapid Cash is the seamless interaction between both our current account and accounting platform, Xero. When we need to draw off from an invoice, Rapid Cash automatically creates items in our system, which makes it easy for our accounts department to reconcile any transfers and keep track of our finances." - UK Based consultancy

Our Products

We fund businesses for between £25,000 and £500,000 and the facility operates as a revolving line of credit.

Invoice Finance