Who we are

Penny offers a different approach to SME funding, specialising in on-demand selective invoice finance, through a unique online platform.

Our mission is to give more businesses the power to control cash flow on their own terms. To this end, we have built Penny to be inclusive for all businesses, particularly those underserved by traditional lenders. We’re not interested in trading history, turnover and complicated financial forecasts. We just deliver real-time funding decisions and fast payments.

Who we fund

Back in 2017, Penny’s founders, having both been self-employed themselves, were frustrated with waiting for invoices to be paid, and spending time chasing and managing payments. They had a single vision of allowing business owners to control their cash flow on their own terms.

Penny supports UK Limited Companies and Sole Traders, giving them the power to get paid faster by unlocking money tied up in invoices and so guaranteeing income. Typically invoices are funded in 24 hours or less – with some payments made in as little as 30 minutes.

At Penny we work with all sorts of SMEs, to date we have funded everything from niche e-commerce businesses to tech startups, consultancies to self-employed couriers. It certainly never gets boring!

Why businesses like working with us

Businesses like working with Penny because we keep things simple, we’re super flexible and we love happy clients.


"Having been let down by a high street bank due to lengthy processes we turned to Penny which offered us a very competitive product. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, I will definitely be using again." - Dennis B
"Instant feedback and got my money later the same day. Wow!" - Megan T
"A class product, I put through all my clients and can instantly find out which ones I can finance. It’s so simple." Amma S