Optimum Finance

Who we are

We’re a management team of seasoned, highly experienced, professional invoice finance / cash flow funding experts. The majority of the senior and mid-management team have been together since 1994, since then having founded the UK’s four fasted growing invoice businesses.

Who we fund

Any B2B SMEs, with the exception of construction related businesses; turnovers from £250k to £8m. We are pure whole turnover invoice financiers, but with a difference. Some unique twists to a wide range of different invoice finance solutions, numbering over a dozen different options, and the only invoice financier in the UK with a tiered charging structure, which reduces service charges as funding reduces. Average client duration is nearly 50 months, with funding lines provided of up to £750,000

Funding from application typically takes two to three days, but on occasions it can be the same day if the prospective client has the required information rapidly available.

Why businesses like working with us

The management team are industry entrepreneurs and pioneers, having been developers of a number of industry products, and the pilots for leading industry IT platforms used worldwide. The team are not usual ‘invoice finance’ people, they are seasoned, successful businessmen and businesswomen, owners and shareholders just like their clients. And, speaking the language of the client, having gone through all the same trials and tribulations over many years with four of their own businesses. The clients buy-in to the true affinity that the team has, from speaking normal ‘business’ language and in having such a true understanding in what it means to found, run and grow a business. It creates an invaluable and true working partnership not easily found elsewhere. The rule book has been thrown away and the team uses its head, its intuition and experience delivering solutions others are unable to create.

And a little bit more…

Such is the quality of the service and the creativity in resolving cash requirements of demanding businesses, Optimum Finance is the cash flow funding provider to businesses owned by Lord Sugar and Peter Jones — businesses run by Apprentice and Dragons Den winners. Optimum truly is the funding home for entrepreneurs.