Who we are

inFund is an established finance provider that supports SME’s through the provision of flexible and affordable short-term credit via a multi-drawdown facility. Our unique approach to assessing your business means we can offer facilities attuned to the day-to-day activity of it, rather than focussing on outdated filed accounts and without penalising you for not having collateral for security. We understand the needs of SMEs and we cater for those needs. With a registration-to-funding funding timeframe of as little as 48 hours, we ensure you can make the most of the opportunities to grow your business.

Who we fund

Our existing clients have benefited from using their drawdown facility with us to take advantage of special offers on stock, refurbish their restaurants, improve their website or increase their fleet to service more customers. By maintaining their live online account with us, clients can dip in and out of their facility to suit, taking only what they need at any given time and even repaying it early if the opportunity arises — without being penalised!

Why businesses like working with us

Clients like working with us because we exist to support them. We provide affordable credit which can be taken for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. We collect repayments each working day by direct debit which means lower frequent repayment amounts rather than much larger monthly amounts. We never say no. Register now to see your free CreditHealth and learn about the funding we could provide to your business. With a quick decision and fast funding, our goal is to help you grow, and grow together.


"Times are changing and my business needs to keep up. I sell and hire out bikes. To attract more customers I decided to expand the premises and open a themed cafe. How to fund it? Not the bank, it couldn't help. But inFund could, and did. Funds were approved and transferred quickly and my bike shop and cafe are thriving. Fantastic service!"
"I wish I knew about inFund sooner. The team are true believers in supporting business growth. My live online credit account keeps me up to date on my sales trends and offers access to credit which supports my short-term needs. A great service."
"I spent weeks talking to my bank about a £20,000 business loan. They declined my application because I don't have any security. After a quick search online I found inFund; 10 minutes later I had a live account and, after one quick step, access to more funds than I needed — all within an hour! inFund is what businesses like mine need. Thank you."

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