Forward Advances

Who we are 

Forward Advances believe that financing for digital SMEs simply doesn’t work as well as it should – and that means that many great businesses don’t reach their potential. Our goal is to help online digital businesses grow by making funding more accessible and supportive.  

Our values aren’t just flashy slogans. They’re core beliefs that mean we prioritise our customers and partners first to build great long-term relationships founded on shared success, fairness and trust. 

Forward Advances was started in 2019 by early stage venture fund Forward Partners. 

Who we fund  

We fund eCommerce, SaaS, Marketplaces and Apps companies ranging in monthly revenue from £10k – £1m. Our funding is used to increase spending on marketing or inventory to aid growth of an online business’ revenue. The company in turn repays us through the future revenue they generate.  

We charge a one-off fixed fee for this service, and it typically takes 1-5 days to get funded. We ask companies to connect their payment processor and open banking. We also often like to get a copy of management accounts and a balance sheet to speed up the process. 

Why businesses like working with us 

Businesses like working with us because we offer fair and flexible capital and we offer a community of experts who can help advise on how to continue growing their business. 

We’ve built our business to help you succeed. Whether you’re seizing an opportunity, supplying demand, or looking for your next growth channel. Our team – and Forward’s not-for-profit start-up studio are here to offer you more than money. 


“Great support for growth. Support from Forward Advances helped us achieve 121% sales growth Year on Year in Q4 2020. We are really happy with the service they provided which was efficient and delivered with a real understanding of our business. The service included product and growth workshops which were valuable too. Thank you from all at” – Colin Gray
“Highly Recommend Forward Advances! Working with Forward Advances has been a game-changer. Their personal, forward thinking approach to revenue finance has allowed our e-commerce business to continue its growth, without us having to worry about giving away a piece of the pie. Hasam and his team work with you to develop a partnership with support, rather than the typical transactional approach to finance that we were used to. Highly recommend!” – FB Global

Our Products

Revenue Backed Loan £10k-£1m