Management Today

Technology innovation and collaboration key to survival

Publication: Management Today
10th November 2020

Lockdown 2.0 is inevitably going to cause more despair for SMEs and micro businesses – but what about the banks accredited by the government-supported funding schemes (BBLS & CBILS)? 

This article covers the need for a mass-adoption of technology and the importance of technology development. Katrin Herrling co-found of Funding Xchange comments on the alternate finance sectors importance on supporting SMEs during the later stages of Covid-19 and the effects this could have on the financial sector. She also speaks on how FXE has adopted technology development and uses it to her advantage throughout FXE’s platform, causing a positive impact on the lending process.

Not only is this clearer for the borrower to see their funding options, but also easier for the lender to see the financial health status of the borrower, offering realistic and affordable repayment options.

This article was published in Management Today 10th November 2020