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New online funding market is proving to be a gem for jewellery maker Lucy Sherwood

Publication: Mail on Sunday
13th June 2015

When Funding Xchange launched we were featured in ‘This is Money’, the Daily Mail’s Finance section focusing on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

In the article, you can see CEO and Co-Founder Katrin talk about how Funding Xchange can help SMEs across the UK. We also had one of our fantastic customers, Lucy Sherwood, talk about how Funding Xchange helped fund her up and coming jewellery business.

Lucy says how she was “approached by the Four Seasons clothing brand, who had seen my Instagram, and now I have a contract with them. But I need to invest in stock. I never intended to have a firm and I am not up on finance. I filled in details on the site about what I am looking for and why, and got a couple of quotes. I am now making a decision.”

The article says thatKatrin goes on to compare “FundingXchange to price comparison websites, saying: 'We bring the same benefits to a market where shopping around previously consumed a huge amount of time and energy. We have done all the legwork so it is easy for businesses to get quotes from a range of lenders.”

You can click here to see the online article or see below to see it in print.