Ultimate Finance

Who we are

We are an SME-friendly finance provider offering competitive rates. Over the last 13 years we’ve developed a comprehensive range of funding products designed to help businesses across the full range of industries, and tailor the best solution for their needs.

With headquarters in Bristol, our team covers the whole of the UK from our network of regional offices.

Who we fund

With our Factoring and Invoice Discounting services we can release up to 90% of the cash that a business has tied up in unpaid invoices, especially helpful for companies in manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, engineering, printing and business services. Our Asset Finance solutions are aimed at both limited and non-limited companies who want to invest in assets such as equipment, machinery, or vehicles without having to pay for them up front. Businesses can access either Hire Purchase, Lease or Refinance. And we’re fast. Finance is usually in place within 24 hours.

Why businesses like working with us

We’re a flexible and helpful team that specialises in giving small and medium sized businesses the support they need to respond swiftly to changing situations. With an eagerness to see our clients succeed and with experienced staff with the freedom to use their own initiative, people tell us we’re a breath of fresh air.

Because we have such a wealth of experience across a variety of different industries, and a broad portfolio of products and options, we are better equipped to accommodate the needs of our clients. We are able to offer solutions that really add value in the most appropriate and efficient ways possible.

And a little bit more…

Whatever stage your business is at, whatever industry you operate in and whatever your particular cashflow or funding challenge we can almost certainly create a solution that meets your needs. Ask us now!


"They understand business and talk the same language as us - whilst the banks have a computer making the decisions Ultimate's approach is far more human and personal. Above all else they provide vital cashflow at the front end and are super-efficient at collecting debt when due at the other end. It really has been a service worth paying for and a welcome alternative to the banks and others in the field."
"They listened carefully, they understood my business model, they noted the fact I'd never had a bad debt, they realised my clients weren't going bust, and they said 'we think there's a way we can help'. Their flexibility and creativity was so refreshing, and I thought 'Wow, that's exactly what I want!'"
“We have been working with Ultimate Finance for a number of years and think the Service quality we receive is first class. Communication and understanding are key to any business relationship and we value this in Ultimate who are our key business partners and are always available for assistance”

Our Products

Flexible & competitive loans that match the needs of your business

Invoice Finance: £100k-£500k

Asset Finance: £15k-£500k