Merchant Money

Who we are

Merchant Money is a specialist provider of finance facilities across the UK. We offer flexible finance solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your business. We are an agile, forward-looking lender committed to helping small businesses pursue their growth objectives despite the obstacles.

With several years of experience, our dedicated lending experts offer a premium service at a competitive price, often lending to those businesses that banks simply will not support.

Who we fund

We’ve partnered with countless UK businesses, helping them expand production, revamp their premises, buy more stock, hire new talent — whatever they need to take their business to new places!

We offer finance solutions to UK registered SMEs; limited companies, sole traders, unincorporated partnerships or partnerships.

SMEs are a major and yet often overlooked driver of economies and a force in job creation. But many are unjustly excluded by large banks and other traditional lenders. One of our founding ambitions is to ensure these businesses are to secure the funding that they need in order to prosper.

Why businesses like working with us

Unlike major banks or traditional lenders, we don’t require detailed business plans. Instead, we take the time get to know our clients better. We’re genuinely interested in your business and in you — the person behind the business. It’s the personal approach that enables us to tailor loans that are precisely attuned to the needs of your business.


"Merchant Money has provided my business with excellent support. They took the trouble to get to understand my business needs, and provided a fast finance solution to enable me to develop my business. Terms were tailored to ensure I could repay the cash advance comfortably." - Lamen Reddy, Burger King Franchisee
"Fortunately, Merchant Money understands my business and have assisted me in improving my facilities several times. Their process is fast and simple, and its team is great to deal with. I will definitely partner with them again." - Martin Horner, The Borough