Just CashFlow

Who we are

Just CashFlow PLC is a responsible specialist lender to UK Businesses. We offer flexible funding solutions to businesses to help manage cash flow.

This means you can concentrate on running your business and not how you finance it. We work to support your longer term funding challenges through our own funds. Our range of flexible funding solutions are unlike any other cash flow services; our unique services are tailored to you, the UK business owner. Maybe you’re looking to expand your business and need an immediate cash flow boost, or perhaps you’re expecting a delay in your customer payments, leaving you without the capital to pay staff. At some point, most SMEs need a cash flow boost. That’s where Just Cashflow can help.

Who we fund

Just Cashflow has funded a wide range of businesses across the whole of the UK. We offer a range of solutions designed to support our customers and we also work in partnership with professional brokers, partners and intermediaries.

Why businesses like working with us

We look at your business and provide a tailored credit facility based on its activities. This gives your business the immediate cash flow boost it needs, without you having to make a long-term commitment. It’s a straightforward cash flow solution with no lengthy application process.

And a little bit more…

We’ve funded a wide range of businesses across the whole of the UK. Read their story and see how you can become part of the Just Cashflow success.


"Dealing with Just Cashflow reminds me of the way business banking used to work. The process was very quick and easy and the funds helped us make a quick decision for taking on extra work"
"Extremely helpful and showed a very good understanding of what our business was about and what we were trying to do"
"the service was efficient and the speed and process met all expectations" - Kevin Ogden, Managing Director of a media agency