County Finance Group

Who we are

COUNTY FINANCE GROUP is an independent finance house that lends its own money. We are NOT brokers or intermediaries, we are NOT part of a huge conglomerate and do NOT have a call centre. We ARE very experienced in what we do, and we ARE passionate about creating a long term relationship with our customers.

Who we fund

We lend to a variety of businesses, both in terms of size and industry. We most commonly provide asset finance on industrial equipment and machinery, although we do provide other types of finance too. As an independent finance house, we pride ourselves on our flexible and creative approach to finding finance for you. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Asset financing enables you to acquire a new asset whilst preserving working capital. Instead of having to pay the full amount for the machinery up front, the finance agreement involves manageable monthly payments over an agreed term, giving you more flexibility to purchase new machinery as and when required, rather than waiting until you have sufficient cash flow to buy the machinery outright. New machinery can increase the capacity and output of your business.

Why businesses like working with us

As banks have strict lending conditions, it is still proving difficult for many businesses to acquire financing through a bank. Additionally, banks will often lack flexibility if you do not meet their criteria. As we lend all of our own money, we can be much more flexible in our approach. You pay your finance monthly over an agreed term.

Apply now

We pride ourselves on our fast response, and most decisions are made on the same day, sometimes in just a few hours, once we have spoken with you and you have provided us with all of the information that we require to make a decision.