What is a Flexible Line of Credit?

A flexible line of credit allows you to access money – up to £100,000 - as and when you need it. So, it’s great for businesses that need money quickly, to re-stock or expand into new premises for example. Essentially, it’s a flexible loan, meaning that you can re-pay and re-draw money like a traditional bank overdraft (although there’s no bank account required).


£1,000 - £100,000

Credit line that can be made available to use as and when it’s needed.


12 Months*

*Facilities are provided for up to 12 months, but can be renewed at the end of the period.


10% - 25% APR

Interest is typically charged daily on outstanding balances. Costs vary depending on your credit rating, volume of lending, and other factors; interest is paid on the amount of capital drawn

The information above shows the terms typically associated with a flexible term loan. Your terms will depend on your own situation

Flexible Lines of Credit at a Glance

Good credit history

A Flexible Line of Credit it best suited for businesses that can demonstrate a good credit history and strong financials; you pay interest on money drawn.

Time Trading and Revenue

To apply for a Flexible Credit Line you will typically need to have been trading for 12 months and your company turnover must be equal to or more than £40,000 per year.

Credit record

Some lenders require businesses / directors to demonstrate a good credit history and equity / net assets in the business. It’s less suitable for businesses with a limited track-record, that are loss-making or have recently restructured.

Personal Guarantees

A personal guarantee – an agreement that means a director takes on a certain level of personal responsibility for the debt through their own finances/assets - is typically required. Sometimes, invoices or property can be substituted in place of a personal guarantee.

How to Get Flexible Lines of Credit

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