Case Study: Flexible Credit Line for Front Row Sports Events Ltd.

"Having this funding has been massive in terms of easing off the financial pressure during a peak period for our business"

Richard Davies, Front Row Sports Events Ltd.

Business: Front Row Sports Events Ltd

Front Row Sports events is a sports events and tour company based in south Wales. They looked for funding to cope with an increase in demand during the summer!

This is Richard's story:

“After having been declined funding by my bank, I wanted a quick and easy way of comparing other available funding solutions. The Funding Xchange team assisted us through an easy application process and we received a number of loan options from different lenders.”

About the business

“We are a sports events and tour company based in south Wales hosting sports events and modern sports tours with an ‘old-school’ tour ethos. Front Row Sports Events was founded in 2016, after over 15 years of experience in the sports travel sector as well as a professional rugby career! We host international football tournaments, rugby festivals and hockey tours – and even offer the facility to build your own tour in an array of different destinations. We only work with trusted destinations and partners to bring the latest tour products to our clients.”

Why was funding needed?

“There were two main reasons why we needed funding. Firstly, due to the nature of our business, our events line up with major sporting seasons, so we experience high demand at this time of year. We needed the funding to cope with this excess demand and host more sports events. Secondly, some of our events require initial outlay for accommodation and other expenses. The finance allowed us to manage our cash flow in this gap between paying for accommodation and receiving payments from our customers. The funding has really helped put our minds at ease and has taken off the financial pressure in terms of cash flow, which is always a challenge for a new business.”

What type of funding was required?

Richard decided on a Flexible Credit Line.

“We chose to access a flexible credit line from iwoca as it provided the flexibility we were looking for. We can draw down cash as and when it was needed, and only pay interest on what we had used. After accepting the offer from iwoca, the funds were made available in the very same day! I found the process with Funding Xchange and iwoca to be extremely efficient and informative. We were pleasantly surprised by the ease and speed of the process.”

A flexible line of credit allows you to access money – up to £150,000 – as and when you need it. So, it’s great for businesses that need money quickly, to re-stock or expand into new premises for example. Essentially, it’s a flexible loan, meaning that you can re-pay and re-draw money like a traditional bank overdraft (although there’s no bank account required).

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Who provided the funding?

Richard arranged his Flexible Credit Line with our lending partner, iwoca.

Iwoca offers a new type of credit facility for small businesses, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities previously only available to their larger peers. From placing larger stock orders to bridging cashflow gaps, they believe that access to finance is crucial to driving business growth.

“We were able to secure access to £5,000 with iwoca and received the funds in the same day.”

Learn more about our lending partner, iwoca.

What was the result for the business?

“Having this funding has been massive in terms of easing off the financial pressure during peak period for our business. It has allowed us to manage our cash flow effectively, which is particularly crucial for a young, dynamic business.”

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